Recent Reading

I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I am obsessed with the uniformity of the NYRB series and how they look on my shelf. And since I own a ridiculous number of them (a number that keeps growing as I am part of their monthly club), I am finally starting to read them a bit more aggressively.

This weekend I finished Abigail by Hungarian author Magda Szabo. I absolutely loved it, and flew through it in about three sittings. I am a sucker for stories set at boarding schools or colleges and this one had intrigue and mystery set against the backdrop of WW2. Because it’s from the perspective of 15 year old Gina it doesn’t delve deeply into politics or the particulars of the war, but anyone with a basic grasp of the history knows what is happening and why Gina must stay hidden away at this school. There are two other novels in Szabo’s series and I intend to seek them out as well.

I also bought more books last week because I have no self control. As I mentioned earlier we are new to the area, so I found a local indie shop that ships and has a great website for browsing. So on Friday I got the best type of package in the mail: books!

Lights All Night Long is for my book club at the end of this month, so that will be near the top of my TBR pile. The other two are part of my efforts to read more books in translation, especially women.

2 thoughts on “Recent Reading

  1. I am also a sucker for those NYRB editions. So pretty! And the more you have, the better they look… any excuse!

    I have Spring Snow in the TBR pile too, it’s be languishing there a while, I really should get to it.

    Good luck with your blog, I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do!


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